Who We Work With

At Rose Speech Therapy, we understand the importance of effective communication and swallowing rehabilitation in rebuilding lives after an acquired brain injury. As specialists in Speech and Language therapy based in West Yorkshire, we bring a unique blend of compassion and professionalism to our practice.

Kirkwood Hospice

We are honoured to collaborate with Kirkwood Hospice to provide specialised Speech and Language therapy, including dysphagia and swallowing rehabilitation, for individuals facing life-limiting illnesses. Our joint efforts aim to enhance the quality of life for patients and their families.

Parkinson's UK

In partnership with Parkinson's UK, we are dedicated to supporting individuals living with Parkinson's disease. Our tailored therapy interventions, encompassing communication and swallowing rehabilitation, focus on addressing challenges associated with this condition.


At Rose Speech Therapy, we are actively involved with the charity Cognishine. Cognishine is an All-In-One digital platform offering an extensive selection of ready-to-use, web-based activities rooted in well-established therapy practices. Cognishine aims to digitally transform the conventional treatment approaches employed across various settings and diverse populations.

Neuro-Rehabilitation Centres and Care Homes

We extend our services to local neuro-rehabilitation centres and care homes, offering specialised Speech and Language therapy input, including comprehensive dysphagia and swallowing rehabilitation. Our goal is to contribute to the overall well-being and rehabilitation of residents.